I spent 11 years as science correspondent at the Guardian, starting in 2003 and leaving in May 2014. In addition to writing news and comment, I made videos and presented the Science Weekly podcast.


In more than a decade of written journalism, I broke dozens of front-page science news stories, reported live from Antarctica, floated aboard a zero-gravity flight with the European Space Agency, had my genes sequenced, was a scientific guinea-pig to test the effects of the Atkins diet, learned how to Lindy-Hop, hung out with daredevil botanists in the mountains of Lebanon, and reported from location in Cape Canaveral as the space shuttle took off on its final mission.

I interviewed hundreds of the world's leading scientists, thinkers and authors, including Richard Dawkins, Brian Greene, David Nutt, Rebecca Skloot, Steven Pinker, E.O Wilson, Ian McEwan, Dava Sobel, Andre Geim, Susie Orbach, John Sulston, Paul Nurse and David Eagleman. I also hosted live podcast shows, in front of audiences, at the Royal Institution, Natural History Museum and the Science Museum in London.

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